Brown Man Tanning

To Spray Or Bake – Tanning Bed Truths

There seems to be a great debate between lovers of the sun, and lovers of tanning safely. “Booth babes” as I call them, are emphatically praising tanning booths as a year round browning ritual, especially during months when serious sunlight is not available. On the other side, there are people and professionals in the medical industry which tell you a “fake bake” or sunless tanning is completely safe and a much healthier alternative.

Cowhide or Silk?

Let’s take a look at tanning in general, shall we? Unless you permanently live underground, most humans will get some sun on their skin. Sun exposure helps the body produce Vitamin D, helps with depression, and in general has many other benefits, when used moderately. Abuse of the sun’s rays, be it artificial or not can also lead to issues like skin cancer, and leave your skin dry, and aged looking like a weathered leather bag or burnt chicken.

Skin with the texture of silk is well-taken care of, well-hydrated, has little to no sun exposure, and most always shuns tanning beds. One can cover up most exposed skin when outside, but will still get some sun benefits. People who slather on the lotions, oils and such laying outside fully exposed, or slow roasting on a tanning bed might look good afterward, but again, for how long before the damage comes to the surface.  Ask a dermatologist if you don’t think so.

Fake-Bake Faux Pas

One of the most recommended ways to appear like you’ve spent hours on the beach getting golden is the spray tan. These are benign booths where you are literally covered in a lightly painted on glow, which can be regulated depending on how deep you want the color to appear. There are also salons which offer this service, and with either venue, you are ensured to get the bronze effect sans the bronze burning.

The tanning industry has also made it quick and easy for you to fake bake at home with sprays, lotions, oils, and wipes which promise to deliver without streaks, messes, or the cost of going to a booth or salon. Beware, you have to really test out the item and read the directions before you decide to DIY. Though be it in a booth or on your own, you can come out looking like an “Oompa Loompa” all orange, so doing research and testing areas on your skin is key to quality control.