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Tanning Resources

More About Tanning (For Customers)

Resources About Tanning : These resources help you figure out the basics about tanning and getting started with tanning.

Web MD’s Facts vs. Fiction : Tanning has gotten a bad rap the past few years, and this page dispels some of the myths about tanning.

Tanning Truth : Tanning Truth talks about the health benefits of tanning while discussing some of the claims that have been made about tanning.

Using a Tanning Bed : For beginners, this is a step by step guide on how to use a tanning bed.

Resources For Salon Owners

Resources For Salon Owners : This site has a list or resources (including tax forms) that are designed to help tanning salon owners out with their businesses.

American Tanning Institute : The American Tanning Institute is designed to help out small salon owners, and this page is specifically for those salon owners who are just starting.

Tanning Industry Resources: Sunbiz offers you a compilation of the best resources for starting off tanning.

Insurance Resources : This page offers resources for the budding salon owner that are centered around insurance.

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